Promotional leaflet

Since we held the last meeting, committee members have been asked the best way of promoting the purchase by pub-goers and the wider public. The best way is to steer people to this website and encourage them to email with how many shares they might buy. We’ve also drawn up the following leaflet which you can print out and give to friends, put in house window or distribute at work. The wider the message goes out, the better chance we have of success…brook leaflet

Meeting 18/7/2013

There was a healthy turnout on Thursday night to hear the committee explain the mechanisms of buying the pub. Villagers were urged to read the business plan on this site and then email us to give an indication of how many shares they would like to buy and the monetary value ahead of another meeting on September 10 at the pub at 8pm. Unless the committee¬†can calculate¬†interest from potential investors, it will be difficult to gauge the likelihood of success. Just to emphasise – it’s only a proposed purchase not an actual one.

One area which did prompt more questions than others was the 30% Enterprise Investment Scheme tax break. If you are in any doubts, here is the link to the HMRC website explaining it further

The committee also urged villagers to spread the word and steer people to the website and business plan to get as many potential investors interested as possible.

Thanks to Alan the landlord for allowing us to stage the meeting and also thanks to Andrew Butters for setting up the website and Fiona Barron for printing leaflets and posters.

The commitee