Brook update on renovations

Hi there – please find attached an email sent out to investors today:

Dear investor
I trust you are well and enjoying the blustery autumn weather and The Brook Inn.
Trade and custom is building at the pub gradually, aided by new menus and
promotional nights like the successful Quiz Night and upcoming Halloween and
Spice Nights. Best way to keep in touch with events is via the pub’s
Facebook page here:
On to more serious matters. As discussed at the special meeting, we plan
major upgrades at the pub to bring it into the 21st century not to mention
giving it some TLC. Most of the exterior of the pub has been done and I
think you’ll agree, it looks much better. Thanks to the volunteers who
helped there and those who have also painted inside the pub.
As mentioned we will be closing the pub at the start of January – the 4th to
around the 14th – to carry out work in the kitchen, pub flooring and d├ęcor
inside the bars. We have contractors lined up for the first two but we need
volunteers for the latter.
That work will involve mostly painting and – ’twas ever thus – many hands
make light work. It’s a few months ahead and relatively ‘dead time’
post-festivities so we’re asking for volunteers to help. Please don’t leave
it to the committed band of volunteers who’ve helped so far – it’ll be a
one-off and then the pub will be transformed into a modern, welcoming venue.
If we don’t get enough, we’ll have to employ professional decorators at
additional cost. The dates we are looking for are Sunday 4 January (starting
as early as possible), Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th. Can you email me if you
can volunteer, how many of you and dates/times and we can build up a
We could do with knowing sooner rather than later, and if you do volunteer -
do please put it in the diary and stick to the commitment.
That’s it for now – if you could correspond via the website email email that’d be great.
Ta ta for now
Ian Evans on behalf of the committee