Brook update on renovations

Hi there – please find attached an email sent out to investors today:

Dear investor
I trust you are well and enjoying the blustery autumn weather and The Brook Inn.
Trade and custom is building at the pub gradually, aided by new menus and
promotional nights like the successful Quiz Night and upcoming Halloween and
Spice Nights. Best way to keep in touch with events is via the pub’s
Facebook page here:
On to more serious matters. As discussed at the special meeting, we plan
major upgrades at the pub to bring it into the 21st century not to mention
giving it some TLC. Most of the exterior of the pub has been done and I
think you’ll agree, it looks much better. Thanks to the volunteers who
helped there and those who have also painted inside the pub.
As mentioned we will be closing the pub at the start of January – the 4th to
around the 14th – to carry out work in the kitchen, pub flooring and décor
inside the bars. We have contractors lined up for the first two but we need
volunteers for the latter.
That work will involve mostly painting and – ’twas ever thus – many hands
make light work. It’s a few months ahead and relatively ‘dead time’
post-festivities so we’re asking for volunteers to help. Please don’t leave
it to the committed band of volunteers who’ve helped so far – it’ll be a
one-off and then the pub will be transformed into a modern, welcoming venue.
If we don’t get enough, we’ll have to employ professional decorators at
additional cost. The dates we are looking for are Sunday 4 January (starting
as early as possible), Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th. Can you email me if you
can volunteer, how many of you and dates/times and we can build up a
We could do with knowing sooner rather than later, and if you do volunteer -
do please put it in the diary and stick to the commitment.
That’s it for now – if you could correspond via the website email email that’d be great.
Ta ta for now
Ian Evans on behalf of the committee

Late summer shindig

What are you doing on Saturday (27th) between 5-7pm?
If you’re an investor, customer, villager or never been to the Brook Inn before and fancy visiting, we’re holding a late, late summer informal drinks afternoon/evening when you can meet the new management team, staff, directors and other supporters of the pub.
The accent is on informal and there’ll be limited, courtesy amounts of Pimm’s and chilli con carne to tempt the tastebuds.
No one might turn up leaving us embarrassed or loads might attend – who knows? We’ll find out at 5pm onwards on Saturday.
Ian Evans on behalf of the committee


As of today, there is a new Brook Inn Facebook page which we will be updating regularly. If you’re a shareholder, customer, villager or whateverer please do visit the site below and ‘Like’ the page to boost our presence.

As explained at the shareholders’ meeting, the website man is away on holiday at the moment so we’ll have to wait a little longer for a revamped site. In the meantime keep up to date with the new page 


Thanks to all those who attended the volunteers’ afternoon today and contacted us via email and forms offering their time and services. Some tasks have been allocated to be undertaken over the next few weeks.

There is still plenty to do around the pub so please do come forward if you think you can contribute. At the moment it is more general work but we are working towards upgrading the inside of the pub which we believe – actually, we know – most people think needs desperate attention.

In the meantime if anyone knows a certified electrician or CORGI-registered plumber who could offer their services for some small-ish jobs at the Brook, can they contact Andrew Burl or Keith Armes whose contact details are on the Home page under…Contact.

new one

General meeting minutes

Back The Brook Ltd

 Minutes of the General Meeting held Thursday 4th September 2014

The meeting commenced at 7.30 pm

Directors present: Keith Armes, Ian Evans, David Lincoln, Alan Amphlett Lewis, Andrew Burl

There were no nominations for new directors and the five existing directors were approved by the meeting.

Ian Evans opened the meeting with a general welcome and update of progress. He thanked Simon Bissett, George Wiseman and Amanda Males for their work as committee members and he thanked Sue Bush for her support in issuing the share certificates.

He noted the appointment of  the new Manager, Mr David Clarke, and the new chef, Mr Nigel Paul, both of whom are experienced in the pub and restaurant trade.

Alan Amphlett Lewis introduced the enterprise investment scheme (EIS), explaining the tax benefits and setting out the conditions of the scheme.

David Lincoln advised that £373,000 had been raised from investors and there were 90 shareholders.  He then outlined the expenditure to date in broad terms £290,000 urchase price for the pub, in addition there was stamp duty of over £10,000 and vat of £52,000.  The vat will be recovered in October.  So far £15,000 – £20,000 in set up costs.  He said that board policy was to keep £30,000 to cover contingencies.  With the development ideas to improve facilities and décor, the share offer would remain open until at least the £400,000 was achieved.

Keith Armes and Andrew Burl are overseeing the revamping of the pub. It was pointed out that Punch Taverns had not invested in the upkeep since they took the pub over.  Keith stated that a large number of volunteers had come forward and the intention was to allocate small tasks to be carried out as soon as possible.  Closing the pub for 2 or 3 days in January is being considered in order to re do the interior.

The meeting was then thrown over to the investors to raise questions and make suggestions on how to ensure the pub`s success.  The new management have worked tirelessly to get the pub open in the last week and the ideas put forward will be considered as the business progresses.

On behalf of the Directors, Ian Evans said that any suggestions and queries and indeed rumours relating to the pub could always be raised and discussed with the Directors.

The meeting ended at 8.40 pm.

Sunday 7th September

Following an appeal for volunteers, we will be descending on the pub on Sunday 7th September at 3pm to allocate jobs to improve the outside of the pub.

If you have a few hours to spare and want to take on some light gardening, painting, general clearing up – please do come along because many hands make light work.

The more shareholders, villagers and pub-goers can help, the more money we’ll save to spend on the jobs we will have to employ contractors for like the painting of the higher outside walls, flooring inside and toilets.

So come on…there’s no footie on the box and it’s still warm so ‘come on down’.

The committee


General meeting

Around 70 people attended the first Brook Inn shareholders’ general meeting on Thursday night where they were updated on the recent purchase and future plans.

After a presentation by the five directors – Ian Evans, Alan Amphlett Lewis, David Lincoln, Andrew Burl and Keith Armes – investors asked a range of questions on the new pub management, finance, publicity and renovation plans for the inside and outside of the Brook which everyone agreed desperately needed a facelift.

The meeting lasted around an hour and a quarter. The minutes will be available in due course for shareholders who were unable to attend.