New landlord

After a lengthy recruitment process, Back the Brook Ltd is pleased to announce a new, permanent landlord for the pub. His name is David Clarke who has extensive experience in the pub trade and will start his new post on the 26th August – the date due for completion on the pub.

We received nearly 50 inquiries for the manager’s post and the final pool of candidates for interview were very strong but we felt David was the ideal person for the job.

David is married to Jean and has a daughter Amy, both of whom will become familiar faces at the pub where they will live. I’m sure you will welcome them into village life and wish them best of luck in the new venture.

We would also like to thank current landlord Alan Tolfrey for his excellent stewardship of the Brook Inn in what has been a testing period for the pub. He has maintained and enhanced a strong reputation for the Brook Inn, making it must-go destination for food. We thank him again and wish him luck at his new pub in Hadleigh.

The committee

David Clarke

David Clarke